Got your Real Estate Licence? Now what?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

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Congratulations you’ve become a real estate agent! You’ll quickly realize that the real estate industry isn’t the “easy money” most people think it is. Some of the obstacles you’ll face include the sheer amount of competition in the industry and the bad names that some really bad Realtors have given us.

On a personal level, there are 3 major barriers that stop Realtors from being successful. They are a lack of education, the hard work/perseverance required to do the job right and the biggest factor - following up with your clients.

The 3 things that will get you to the top are: getting a proper and thorough real estate agent education, not giving up and getting leads

One decision I got right early on and am still proud of today is the way I chose my brokerage and team. I met with many different brokerages and got to know their brokers of record, managing brokers, training managers. This allowed me to interview them while they interviewed me. I learned what some brokerages offer what others didn’t.

Knowing I wanted the best successful start possible, I chose a brokerage that offered a lot of education. I can never express my appreciation for the education my brokerage and trainer offered. Working with a great brokerage will teach you everything from lead generation to building your sphere of influence, to sales and marketing. This will help you make valuable networking connections and continue to teach you with weekly meetings, monthly events, and ongoing training. Choose the right brokerage and you are well on your way to success.

Make it your passion

The next step was learning who I was as an agent, what I liked doing and what business I wanted to build for myself. One of the best things about this industry is that you can tailor your career to your dream lifestyle. If that’s networking with people through sports and events, or a more direct marketing style, you can build your business that way, too. Whether you like pounding the keyboard or the pavement, you can find success in this business.

That’s why the next stage of your real estate agent education is learning and focusing on your passions. If what you do to earn a living is something you love, you won't work a day in your life.

That’s why the next stage of your real estate agent education is learning and focusing on your passions. If what you do to earn a living is something you love, you won't work a day in your life.

I played off the fact that I love to talk, especially about real estate and construction. I also learned that I love building a team and coaching bright successful agents to achieve full ($) potential. If you play off your passions, it won’t feel like work.

For my business partner Steve, the process was different. Initially, he had no idea what he wanted to focus on when building his business and was worried about leaving his old business behind. He hadn’t realized that he had already mastered the art of sales, and simply needed some direction in terms of what he should be selling. After completing the courses and jumping right in Steve has been nothing less than a lead management machine, producing more closings then any new agents I have seen.

Steve starts on his phone at 9 a.m. and calls all the way through to 1 p.m. He gets hang-ups but rolls into the next call and more often than not I’ve heard people tell him their life stories, he laughs with some and sheds tears with others. He loves hearing people’s stories, bringing them value, and getting to know them

Find salespeople who inspire you

Next, and honestly, one of the most important things, is finding people who inspire you in the industry. There are so many we’ve talked to and so many who have helped to influence what we are building. Find who’s building a successful business with that strategy and learn everything you can about them. The people that inspire you don’t just have to be in the real estate industry to teach you valuable lessons and things that can work for your business.

Train yourself every day

After you’ve completed the initial training, found the right brokerage and or team, found your passions and inspirations, now it’s time to train yourself in the areas you’ve decided to focus on - every single day. You need to get your 6,000 hours under your belt. That’s when you truly become the master of what you’re learning and don't forget to influence others.

This can be practicing and role-playing, researching and reading. Most importantly it needs to be doing. Get out there every day and teach yourself what you can. I like to set miniature goals like handing out 10 business cards daily.  Just make sure you don’t fall victim to analytical paralysis. Get out there and actually do something! Your actions will set you apart from the competition.

Still to this day, Steve and I are both working on our 6,000 hours in multiple areas. Don’t give up, practice every day, and you’ll be successful. If others can do it, so can you! We’re here to help and look forward to building a successful strategy catered to you.

Find accountability partners

The single biggest thing that helps me stay motivated and focused is the people who surround me that I’ve asked to hold me accountable. It’s easier to procrastinate and give up when it’s just yourself you have to face.

My calendar, my friends, my family, my business partner Steve all hold me accountable to the dreams and ambitions I’m working towards. Tell everyone you can what you’re planning and work hard for it. These accountability partners will give you a kick in the ass when you need it and will inspire you to work hard every day.

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